Friday, July 14, 2006

"the sweet spot"

If you ask any sports fan, they will tell you that the sweet spot has to do with a bat and a ball and where the ball hits the bat, and whether the bat will rotate from the handle or the tip end, or simply knock that ball out of the park. This is not about that kind of sweet spot. No sports here. THIS is a different kind of sweet spot.

I have been battling, with the help of several doctors, a bevy of auto-immune disorders for the last two years officially, and probably the past 10 years unofficially. (that means I had it, I hurt, but I wasn't diagnosed with anything at that point, so it isn't supposed to count...and that is so wrong!!!) SO for me the sweet spot is totally different than in the above baseball reference.(from

I woke up this morning in the sweet spot. For me, and most likely others with auto-immune disorders like rueumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and lupus....the term sweet spot takes on a totally new meaning...

As I awoke slowly and sleepily from a good solid 4 hours of sleep,(which is highly unusual and notable in itself) I noticed for a split second....that if I was really, really still...and didn't move any part of my body even a fraction of an inch...if I just stayed suspended in that one moment between being awake and asleep....for that one moment.....I didn't hurt, anywhere.

It was glorious...that one moment in time...where it didn't hurt to be me.

Those who have experienced degenerative diseases, (and the count is in the millions folks)..millions of people in the U.S. alone can relate to that statement. "That for one moment it didn't hurt to be me." I don't know the why's and how's of this mornings sweet spot...if I did I could bottle it and sell it....and be the next Madame Curie. Maybe it was to remind me, of what it was like to wake up and not be controlled by pain. Because after awhile you do forget. It can totally overtake your life. . And somehow this morning....miraculously...for a split second I didn't hurt. I am thankful. Talk about stopping to smell the roses..for a split second it was like I had my life back. For a spit second I had nothing at all to worry about. Think about that. What if life revolved around pain, and the taking of mediation? And what of the limitations that would be put on a life because of pain?

SO, why did I choose to come out of the closet so to speak and post about it? Because of the simple fact that there are millions of people out there that can't remember when they didn't hurt. They are all around you.. you just can't see them. They are in every walk of life, every job description, every neighborhood. And they keep on getting out of bed every morning. They keep on...keeping on.....against incredible odds that one day soon they won't be able to get out of bed. It's something that we need to think about. That not everyone enjoys perfect health. That one day anyone can wake up in incredible pain that will never go is not a pretty thought, but it happens....every someone else. To someone new.

So the next time you see someone using a handicapped parking space and doesn't look to you like they need wheel chair.... think about it. There are a lot more reasons that are not visable to the human eye, that can knock someones life into chaos, and make that parking spot a lifesaver.

It's all about the roses folks. We all need to stop and smell the roses. No matter if you are stressed and busy at work, or stressed at home with babies and children..or stresed in a bad job or marriage..or stressed because of an illness that has become a fact of life,for you or your spouse. Each and every one of us deserves the time to be in that sweet spot for just one second in time......because it can be glorious! And we get so busy that we today.....just for a moment.....stop........smell the roses......and check out that sweet spot.........for just a moment! It is a glorious place to be!


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