Monday, July 03, 2006

I fell out of bed.....On the wrong side !

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, no that's not accurate. To be truly accurate, I fell out of bed on the wrong side this morning! I have been doing that a lot lately....And it is no fun at all.

I live alone, I have not cat,dog,flock of sheep nor children at home to blog there are long spaces between my blogs because what you have left living alone is blogging about the truly personal.....and I just haven't seen any reason to do that. My life isn't all that interesting lately.

SO this morning I fell out of bed at 4 am....which has become the usual for me. For some reason I am falling out of bed frequently. So in my groggy half asleep state I pick myself up off the floor and turn the laptop on and take my pain pills while it warms up and loads...............and hit a couple of the blogs that I regularly read and for one reason of another....missed yesterday. .. I should have started with the Panopticon because Dolores would have had me laughing within seconds and my day would have started off so much different.! But no....I actually read that one yesterday so I clicked on another one. And there all the talk was of knitting washcloths and all the wonder therein..........And the posts were giddy little blurbs about oh....I found sugar and creme here ....and oh....I found it there.....All the way through the remarks..all were the same giddy little entry's..... At some point I must have growled....because I found my mind racing as my fingers were scrolling so that I could leave a record of my having been there too!!!..........and then I got to can't post that on someone else's blog!!!! These people would be aghast............oh, hell......I said. (Right out loud, to myself.) I'll post it on my blog..(realizing of course that no one will read it)........but I will have had the satisfaction of getting it off MY chest....and perhaps I can start my day over. ...

I wanted to say hold it ladies, don't get your knickers in a knot!! Sugar and creme is abundant at Walmart. Every color. Small balls and big cones of the stuff sits on their shelves.And the reason this so is because people have been knitting dishcloths, or washies, or worshies...what ever you want to call them for 30 years. Ask my grandmother, the knitting sensi of our family!!! 30 years she has been cranking out those babies for everyone in a very large Irish catholic family.

This wondrous awakening of the Jr. League of knitting is because two people wrote an expensive knitting book that included among other projects, the very same wash cloths that I have seen all my life. I have been away from knitting...and with a recent injury and time off work have I have been browsing the bookstores to replentish my library of essential knitting books. I got an encyclopedia of stitches, a great book on antique socks .....and I looked at this $29.00 book with the dish cloths in it and gently smiled to myself and put it back on the shelf......and chose instead a little knitting humor for $9.95 to round out my shopping day.

Now I discover there is a great awakening in the knitting world (upper echelons only)......And the new wonder is dishcloths!!! Who knew?? I think that I will write an expensive book about the handy little towels that gram made to go along with the dishcloths..........they hang on the door of your oven,so handy for reaching! .......the Jr. League of knitting might be amazed all over again..!!!! And this time I would be the one laughing all the way to the bank!!!

Gee...............I feel so much better now!!


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