Monday, June 19, 2006

Inept?? TOTALLY !!

I have been having some technical problems here. Most are due to the fact that it appears that I cannot follow even the most simple of directions. I couldn't get on to my own blog for two weeks, and then accidently hit the right button and wham I am posting again! I joined a web ring, gave them the wrong website address(well in my own defense it was 3 am when I was doing that may have been part of the brain rot problem!) Then totally lost it when trying to copy and paste their logo stuff to the site.(copying and pasting just isn't the same as when I was in kindergarten in the dark ages!) I think I should stand in the corner with my windows for dummies on top of my head!! Maybe something will sink in. Any way I'm
blogging again . I have had some very good tips given to me for posting hopefully there will be something to see soon! And I am enrolling in a remedial cutting and pasting class as soon as I find one in my neighborhood!