Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm SPINNING..........!!

Here is where I do my little snoopy happy dance (which friends have assured me that I really do)....happy...happy ...happy....spinning! me! who would have thunk it??ME thats who!!! Obviously my spindle finally came in the mail and I have been practicing. I read the book and tried it, then read the book again and tried it.... then went to interweave press and downloaded 2 articles on spindle spinning and tried it again!!! I AM SPINNING!.......what does it look like you ask??? (you had to ask didn't you?) (masochist!)....ok........most of it looks like crap ...fat...uneven...pencil thick....but some of it is actually ok...looks what I would expect new spinning to look like. I realize that this is not an instant gratification type's like playing the piano (which I don't do with any great success either)...practice, practice, practice. So that is just what I am doing. I am setting aside an hour in the am and sometimes an hour in the pm to do this practicing....and I can see that it is getting easier (I'm not quite as clumbsey as I was at first), and I can see a difference in the product that I's coming along . And I am SOOO glad that I tried it. I ordered a book on hooking with yarn....Nantucket hooking to be specific..and this gal is doing what I want to do.....she is spinning her own yarn and dyeing it and then hooking with it. So SEE, I am not anwhere near crazy like my friends thought.......other people are doing it too. When a friend found out that not only was I hooking, but that I was spinning too he asked if the next thing would be sheep in my backyard?? I pointed out to him that I have read several internet sites on sheep, angora goats, and angora bunnies and that if I find a place to live where I can keep a little flock of wool makers that I would definataly be buying a few!! And the offshoot is that there will be sock yarn any color that I want.(see the learning to dye paid off too)... This keeps looking better and better all the time. I also ordered the magic loop. I have in the past done 2 kneedle socks and have done a few 4 needle socks with success, but usually I need a valium or a few glasses of wine to get thru the 4 needle thing! I'm hoping that the magic loop really is magic and that I can start turning out socks by the zillions. My great grand-father used to knit argyle socks in the winter (in the sumer he was too busy being a farmer). He's the one that taught my grandmother to knit. And she bless her heart is the only one that had the time and patience to teach a left hander (me) to knit !! So I can carry on the tradition of knitting socks...think I'll stay away from argyle though!


Blogger studiobeerhorst said...

I think that it is great that you are going off into some new creative territory. Good for you and keep up the good work.

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