Friday, May 05, 2006

Dyeing Surprises

One of the reasons I love to dye is that sometimes you get what you were aiming for a sometimes you get a nice surprise. I went on a wool hunt yesterday........and that is not all that easy in Arizona..but I managed to "score" six 100% wool skirts in large sizes (more fabric!). So I decided to try and dye them in the washer with Black rit instead of one at a time on the stove with my expensive little envelopes of dye. I took each of three skirts apart,2 navy blue and 1 bright,cherry red.......and into the machine they went with the whole bottle of black dye. Now never having dyed wool in the machine before I didn't want to adgitate it too much for fear of felting, so I let it soak and did a lot of stirring and rinsed it 2 times and then pulled out 1 black skirt piece, 1 burgandy skirt piece (very dark and rich color) and 1 NAVY piece! ha......... when I got all of the wool out and looked it over, one entire skirt...which had been clearly labeled 100% wool had totally taken up none of the dye. ALL the other pieces were either the beautiful burgandy or a deep clearly this skirt was perhaps not 100%.....????? Now I wish I had dyed them before I took them that the lables would still be in the skirts and I could see what brand didn't dye! will remain a secret. This wool has one more chance to become black when I dye it on the stove over the weekend....otherwise I give up. The other three skirts were 1 black, and 2 grey " tweedy" they get to stay as they are. Not a bad score all and all for Arizona......where they don't even know what wool is...these skirts must have come from a snowbird, or someone who moved here from the cold weather and realized after our mild winter that they just didn't need them anymore. My tiny little stash is greatful for their generosity!! And I just love the Burgandy which was the real surprise of the day!!!


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