Monday, May 15, 2006

Where are the Pictures??

I have spent the entire morning uploading some pictures of my quilts to Flickr so that I could place them here for all to see. Then once I had it down to a simple manuver I was going to photograph all the rugs and pillows I've been hooking and my spinning so that I could start to add some pictures. you see any pictures??? No??? Me either!! I copied and I pasted......and I copied and pasted and then I copied and pasted again ......and NOTHING! pictures moved from flickers page to this page. After several hours I gave up........I really need a gin a tonic......but I will settle for a nice nap! If anyone has some easy hints for me I'll be checking back after my nap!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'm SPINNING..........!!

Here is where I do my little snoopy happy dance (which friends have assured me that I really do)....happy...happy ...happy....spinning! me! who would have thunk it??ME thats who!!! Obviously my spindle finally came in the mail and I have been practicing. I read the book and tried it, then read the book again and tried it.... then went to interweave press and downloaded 2 articles on spindle spinning and tried it again!!! I AM SPINNING!.......what does it look like you ask??? (you had to ask didn't you?) (masochist!)....ok........most of it looks like crap ...fat...uneven...pencil thick....but some of it is actually ok...looks what I would expect new spinning to look like. I realize that this is not an instant gratification type's like playing the piano (which I don't do with any great success either)...practice, practice, practice. So that is just what I am doing. I am setting aside an hour in the am and sometimes an hour in the pm to do this practicing....and I can see that it is getting easier (I'm not quite as clumbsey as I was at first), and I can see a difference in the product that I's coming along . And I am SOOO glad that I tried it. I ordered a book on hooking with yarn....Nantucket hooking to be specific..and this gal is doing what I want to do.....she is spinning her own yarn and dyeing it and then hooking with it. So SEE, I am not anwhere near crazy like my friends thought.......other people are doing it too. When a friend found out that not only was I hooking, but that I was spinning too he asked if the next thing would be sheep in my backyard?? I pointed out to him that I have read several internet sites on sheep, angora goats, and angora bunnies and that if I find a place to live where I can keep a little flock of wool makers that I would definataly be buying a few!! And the offshoot is that there will be sock yarn any color that I want.(see the learning to dye paid off too)... This keeps looking better and better all the time. I also ordered the magic loop. I have in the past done 2 kneedle socks and have done a few 4 needle socks with success, but usually I need a valium or a few glasses of wine to get thru the 4 needle thing! I'm hoping that the magic loop really is magic and that I can start turning out socks by the zillions. My great grand-father used to knit argyle socks in the winter (in the sumer he was too busy being a farmer). He's the one that taught my grandmother to knit. And she bless her heart is the only one that had the time and patience to teach a left hander (me) to knit !! So I can carry on the tradition of knitting socks...think I'll stay away from argyle though!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Patience may be a virtue but............................

I have never been any good at it. I am waiting for four different parcels.......I have ordered 2 rug patterns and supplies from 2 different places (including my drop spindle).....and I am waiting and waiting!! I am used to ordering clothes and QVC stuff and having it come in 3-5 days. This is going on 2 weeks+ and still waiting. Of course it doesn't help that I live in the's not the END of the earth...but you can see it from here!!!! It's a good thing that I can't just run down to the store and pick things up because I would have been there and back several times over by now!!..but then I would never have ordered on the internet in the first place (HA). So here I sit by the door waiting for the UPS least I'm getting in a lot of time hooking!!!! housework though....I might miss the knock on the door!!!! Excuse me now.........I have to get back to waiting!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Dyeing Surprises

One of the reasons I love to dye is that sometimes you get what you were aiming for a sometimes you get a nice surprise. I went on a wool hunt yesterday........and that is not all that easy in Arizona..but I managed to "score" six 100% wool skirts in large sizes (more fabric!). So I decided to try and dye them in the washer with Black rit instead of one at a time on the stove with my expensive little envelopes of dye. I took each of three skirts apart,2 navy blue and 1 bright,cherry red.......and into the machine they went with the whole bottle of black dye. Now never having dyed wool in the machine before I didn't want to adgitate it too much for fear of felting, so I let it soak and did a lot of stirring and rinsed it 2 times and then pulled out 1 black skirt piece, 1 burgandy skirt piece (very dark and rich color) and 1 NAVY piece! ha......... when I got all of the wool out and looked it over, one entire skirt...which had been clearly labeled 100% wool had totally taken up none of the dye. ALL the other pieces were either the beautiful burgandy or a deep clearly this skirt was perhaps not 100%.....????? Now I wish I had dyed them before I took them that the lables would still be in the skirts and I could see what brand didn't dye! will remain a secret. This wool has one more chance to become black when I dye it on the stove over the weekend....otherwise I give up. The other three skirts were 1 black, and 2 grey " tweedy" they get to stay as they are. Not a bad score all and all for Arizona......where they don't even know what wool is...these skirts must have come from a snowbird, or someone who moved here from the cold weather and realized after our mild winter that they just didn't need them anymore. My tiny little stash is greatful for their generosity!! And I just love the Burgandy which was the real surprise of the day!!!