Friday, April 28, 2006

WIcked at Webs

The Madd Dyer has been busy dying lots of nice wools for a new rug. Rich blues and purples for sky and water and yards and yards of shades of browns,golds,and bieges,........for sheep !!! Seems only right to use my wool to hook a rug with a never ending circle. I have purple fingers because I tore a hole in my gloves....good thing I'm not in the frozen north where everyone would think they were frostbit (is that a word??) Not a chance of ice in Phoenix as its already getting hot, and way too early for me. Seasonal diversons are backward here. I hook rugs, knit afghans and make quilts in the summer because I hole up and stay out of the heat with the A/C as low as I dare. In the nice winter weather I ride horses and do lots of dyeing because I can still hang it out to dry and its ready to go quick as a wink. Sox are a year round vice. You just can't actually wear them between April and October. It is ok to knit them though...and I'm stocking up because I plan to move out of this blastfurnace before next summer rolls around. I spent the morning at Webs because the Harlot...(the Yarn Harlot) made me. It sounded so wonderful on her blog and the pictures made it look like christmas! I looked it up on the web and got my invisible shopping cart and off I is even big on the web !!I shopped!! So I am going to start spinning....well I didn't get my wheel yet..but I did kind of like one or two..I have to think that one over and I really would like to see one in person before I buy got a drop spindle and some wonderful, wonderful wool!! Now lets see if I am coordinated enough to figure it out by I don't think I could find a spinner in this wasteland of a desert!...If I could teach myself to hook rugs,make quilts by hand and dye wool....maybe I can figure it out. Wish me luck!!!


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