Sunday, April 30, 2006


I got to pull a "MOM" today.........and it felt really good......and I know that had she been with me she would have laughed so hard she'd wet her pants when we got back in the car! explain.....several years ago I flew home to NY for Thanksgiving. I had been in Nevada and was doing a lot of quilting with Debbie Mumm fabric. Mom loved the fabric and we began a quest to find some in her neighborhood. Every store we went into had never heard of Debbie Mumm....and Mom did this whole act on who she was and how big she and her fabric was on the WEST we were some sort of jet setters or something...she went on and was today I go to a Barnes and Noble in Phoenix looking for the Yarn Harlots books....they had never heard of Yarn Harlot. I tried Stehpanie Pearl-McPhee ? no dice. I said Knitting rules???? ah........that sounded familiar so they looked it up on the computer and off we went to find 2 copies of each book ! Big supply ! Then I got to play Mom and explain who Stephanie was and how hysterical her writing is and about her blog...and how she was on a coast to coast book tour and would be in Phx soon...I really laid it on helped that I was "dressed" for a day of shopping and not in my usual uniform of t-shirt and shorts! I think I pulled it off......and even if they didn't get it....I did....and I'm sure that if she was was wetting her pants! Do angels wear underpants?? I hope so!!


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