Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Madd Dyer

Up the Proverbial Creek

When I bought my first rug kit and the wool was so inferior that I would have been better off using a WWI blanket I more kits. Then I saw a kit was done with yarn and from a very reputable copany. And I wanted to try a rug with yarn ,I so got it and hooked it right odrwn to the last corner only to find that the checked pattern was off by 2 extra squares,which threw the whole pattern off ! So I conntact said national comapany and their reply was gee we don't know. We have never had this problem before.By now I have figured out how to fix it...with a little help from a quilter with "fresh eyes". But still remaining is the fact that this company which gladly took my $139.00 for the kit just abandoned me when I was in dire need of help. May all your contacts with supppliers go better than this !!

I dyed a soft green wool today for rose leaves for a new Folk Art pillow....I love it when the color comes out to just what you were looking for! Perfection!


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