Sunday, April 30, 2006


I got to pull a "MOM" today.........and it felt really good......and I know that had she been with me she would have laughed so hard she'd wet her pants when we got back in the car! explain.....several years ago I flew home to NY for Thanksgiving. I had been in Nevada and was doing a lot of quilting with Debbie Mumm fabric. Mom loved the fabric and we began a quest to find some in her neighborhood. Every store we went into had never heard of Debbie Mumm....and Mom did this whole act on who she was and how big she and her fabric was on the WEST we were some sort of jet setters or something...she went on and was today I go to a Barnes and Noble in Phoenix looking for the Yarn Harlots books....they had never heard of Yarn Harlot. I tried Stehpanie Pearl-McPhee ? no dice. I said Knitting rules???? ah........that sounded familiar so they looked it up on the computer and off we went to find 2 copies of each book ! Big supply ! Then I got to play Mom and explain who Stephanie was and how hysterical her writing is and about her blog...and how she was on a coast to coast book tour and would be in Phx soon...I really laid it on helped that I was "dressed" for a day of shopping and not in my usual uniform of t-shirt and shorts! I think I pulled it off......and even if they didn't get it....I did....and I'm sure that if she was was wetting her pants! Do angels wear underpants?? I hope so!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

WIcked at Webs

The Madd Dyer has been busy dying lots of nice wools for a new rug. Rich blues and purples for sky and water and yards and yards of shades of browns,golds,and bieges,........for sheep !!! Seems only right to use my wool to hook a rug with a never ending circle. I have purple fingers because I tore a hole in my gloves....good thing I'm not in the frozen north where everyone would think they were frostbit (is that a word??) Not a chance of ice in Phoenix as its already getting hot, and way too early for me. Seasonal diversons are backward here. I hook rugs, knit afghans and make quilts in the summer because I hole up and stay out of the heat with the A/C as low as I dare. In the nice winter weather I ride horses and do lots of dyeing because I can still hang it out to dry and its ready to go quick as a wink. Sox are a year round vice. You just can't actually wear them between April and October. It is ok to knit them though...and I'm stocking up because I plan to move out of this blastfurnace before next summer rolls around. I spent the morning at Webs because the Harlot...(the Yarn Harlot) made me. It sounded so wonderful on her blog and the pictures made it look like christmas! I looked it up on the web and got my invisible shopping cart and off I is even big on the web !!I shopped!! So I am going to start spinning....well I didn't get my wheel yet..but I did kind of like one or two..I have to think that one over and I really would like to see one in person before I buy got a drop spindle and some wonderful, wonderful wool!! Now lets see if I am coordinated enough to figure it out by I don't think I could find a spinner in this wasteland of a desert!...If I could teach myself to hook rugs,make quilts by hand and dye wool....maybe I can figure it out. Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Madd Dyer

Up the Proverbial Creek

When I bought my first rug kit and the wool was so inferior that I would have been better off using a WWI blanket I more kits. Then I saw a kit was done with yarn and from a very reputable copany. And I wanted to try a rug with yarn ,I so got it and hooked it right odrwn to the last corner only to find that the checked pattern was off by 2 extra squares,which threw the whole pattern off ! So I conntact said national comapany and their reply was gee we don't know. We have never had this problem before.By now I have figured out how to fix it...with a little help from a quilter with "fresh eyes". But still remaining is the fact that this company which gladly took my $139.00 for the kit just abandoned me when I was in dire need of help. May all your contacts with supppliers go better than this !!

I dyed a soft green wool today for rose leaves for a new Folk Art pillow....I love it when the color comes out to just what you were looking for! Perfection!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Appliqued Coat to Dye For

No dying for the madd dyer today. I spent all day looking for pictures of WIP and finished works. Most of my older stuff is in storage, but I do have what I've made in the past year. Now I can try and upload them tonight. Brenda thanks for the great coat idea! I can't wait to get started. Maybe we could start a trend with what did you call it? old coat thursday? I'll have to go back to your blog and see. For a wonderful applique coat go to You will NOT be dissapointed! And the hooked rugs are just beautiful too.

In the Beginning...........

I did it ! I think ! maybe ? creating a blog is no picnic for a computer illiterate baby boomer. Now all I have to do is figure out how to "fancy" up my blog and add some links and pictures. Well, one thing at a time. I have accomplished this .......and tomorrows another day! Any tips for the illiterate blogger??? I'd welcome any suggestions! Jenna